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Marine Harvest is the proud label of the wild-caught seafood selection by Mowi. Our Marine Harvest wild-caught products in skin-pack packaging that display the MSC blue fish label, are MSC certified sustainable.

Seafood with the MSC blue fish label comes from fisheries that have been independently evaluated against the MSC’s rigorous, world class standard for environmentally sustainable fishing.

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MSC Certificated

When shopping for seafood, this label means you can feel good knowing you are supporting continuous changes on the water to help protect the ocean for the future.

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From the pure waters of Iceland to your dining table, this succulent fresh cod loin is easy-to-cook and prepared in minutes. Effortlessly skin-packed for a convenient cooking experience. It can be pan-fry, bake, or broil.

Sockeye Salmon
Pacific Cod

A tender and perfectly wild-sockeye salmon portion from the Pacific Northwest. Seamlessly packaged in skin-pack technology for an easy-to-cook experience. Ready to pan-fry, bake, or grill.

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